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The World’s First AI-based, Autonomous DMX Lighting Controller

MaestroDMX is an autonomous lighting designer-in-a-box that listens to music and makes decisions like a professional lighting designer.

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We’re now live on Kickstarter. Get an exclusive discount now!

Who is MaestroDMX for?

Using MaestroDMX is easy as...
Connect your audio input to Maestro
Connect your DMX light fixture to Maestro
Choose your settings in the mobile app
No laptop, software, or programming required.

Customize your show with an easy-to-use mobile app

  • Build cues on a timeline and curate color palettes for the course of your event 
  • Define static, non-audio responsive looks for quieter moments
  • Set it and forget it or easily trigger cues with your phone or a MIDI controller

MaestroDMX works with thousands of different lighting fixtures

Whether you own your lights or are renting them for a one-off show
  • MaestroDMX is compatible with any DMX fixture.
  •  AI-based control of RGBWA-UV fixtures
  • ​Autonomous dynamic control of moving head spots including pan/tilt/shutter/strobe.
  • ​AI-based triggers for lazers, gobos, flames, haze etc.
Maestro's AI understands music like a human

Maestro closely tracks musical events to inform the lighting, including:

  • Autonomous control of color, dynamics and effect changes based on the music
  • Automatic relaxing of lighting during ‘no-music’ or spoken sections
  • Easy override for manual control and static looks

MaestroDMX Technical Specs

  • 1 Universe of DMX OUT 
  • ⅛ inch audio input jack
  • USB power port
  • ​USB for midi controller input
  • ​Wifi for app connection
  • ​Works with any DMX compatible lighting fixture
  • ​Support for external audio interfaces (via USB)
Aurora -based installations
We are experts in sound responsive lighting

Limbic Media has been working on this technology for over ten years. We used it to launch a successful sound responsive commercial lighting controller called Aurora that has been used in hundreds of large-scale interactive lighting installations across North America.

Notable Aurora Clients

Unfortunately, Aurora is a commercial system that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Now, we would like to bring this same technology to DJs, musicians, streamers, and music venues.

Get an exclusive discount

We’re now live on Kickstarter. Get an exclusive discount now!

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